COVID-19 challenges and Visit by our MP, Laura Farris

14th May 2020

In the last 7 weeks we have faced major challenges to our local Foodbank Systems.

We had to close for the time being our 5 local centres, due to the Governments “lockdown” requirement of all church premises.

To expand rapidly our Warehouse and home delivery needs, we re-located at Greenham Business Park to a new substantial unit with multiple rooms,
requiring the speedy movement of all racking and food stocks to this new unit. Thanks to the tireless efforts of volunteers over the weekend, we achieved this in just 3 days. Home deliveries were then ready to go, with 7 days of food for each client, assisted by volunteer drivers to perform this home delivery requirement.

Large quantities of Food stocks have both arrived at our Warehouse in the last 7 weeks, and equally large quantities have been despatched.

We were pleased to day to be visited by our MP, Laura Farris, who wished to see our operations and give encouragement.
Laura was informed by Fran, our newly- appointed Project Manager, and Peter our Warehouse Manager with details of our systems.
She was impressed with the operations and agreed that we fortunately had plenty of stock still.

She discussed what she could do to help, and we agreed that retaining this unit as our permanent home, was something that she could perhaps influence.
Laura said we should contact her with any issues we have.
We have agreed to talk again when the furlough scheme changes, and companies will then have to contribute, as we expect that we might see another sharp increase in demand.

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