COVID-19 changes

24th March 2020

Necessary Changes to West Berks Foodbank operations : COVID-19 : Effective Monday 30th March 2020

We hope to be able to continue with issuing Emergency Food Parcels from our 5 centres until Friday 27th March.

This is dependent upon 2 factors : the continuing availability of the premises from which our centres operate, and available volunteers.


After this date, i.e. from 30th March a different scheme is necessary, since 3/4 of our volunteers are in the “high-risk” category (being over 70 years) and now largely unavailable to help.

We shall be making up pre-packaged parcels for a variety of sizes of household. These will be delivered to each clients home as vehicle availability permits.

Those clients who are contacting via Crisis Foodline will continue to make use of a phone call ( to 01635 760560 ), during which their necessary details will be recorded, and an electronic voucher number issued. The food parcel of the right size will be delivered to your home as soon as possible.

Alternatively, those clients who have been given a red paper voucher by a referrer, and who would usually attend one of our five Foodbank Centres, will need to make a phone call to advise us of all of the details on the red voucher. The new line established for this purpose is ( 01635 813390 ) will be available from March 30th 2020.

We shall arrange for the food parcel of the right size to be delivered to your home as soon as possible.

Sadly, in this period of infection, it will be necessary to deliver to the clients door (without any conversation taking place).

The details of our logistics are still being worked out, so cannot give any more detail at the moment.

To repeat the phone numbers : 01635 760560 for a Crisis Foodline (verbal electronic voucher number) this process being unchanged, though now completed with a home delivery of a food parcel.

Those clients holding red paper vouchers issued by a referrer will need to call 01635 813390 and advise us of all of the details for processing, after which the home delivery of a food parcel will occur.

This information will be updated as necessary in the coming days.

 It should be made clear now that “self-isolation” is not of itself sufficient justification for the Foodbank supplying a food parcel. There are other local organisations addressing this problem.

We, the West Berks Foodbank are assisting those who are in Crisis Need (i.e. they have no money with which to purchase food and also have no food at home) and may additionally be self-isolating.


Thank you for your co-operation, especially at this challenging time for all of us.

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